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Star "V" Machinery Ltd. was founded in September of 1994 by Leslie (Laszlo) Lengyel, the President of Star "V" Machinery and Bill (Bela) Kopcso. Neither is a stranger to the V-grooving machinery industry. Combined they have 28 years of knowledge and expertise in design, engineering and manufacturing V-Groovers.

Leslie, with a diploma in quality control, was managing his own facility for precision parts and as a tool and die maker for 12 years. Upon his immigration to Canada, he worked for Boeing aircraft as a tool and die maker.In 1990 he joined another V-grooving manufacturer as the design and production manager, before he started his own V-groover company to incorporate his new design ideas, which are now known as the Star V-Groover.

In only 7 years, Star "V" Machinery developed 11 different V-Groovers for the Solid Surface, Display & Fixture, Architectural Millwork, Drawer, Engineered Stone and Speaker Manufacturing Industry. Our success is measured by the level of customer satisfaction, which is unmatched in the industry. Call our customers to hear this first hand.

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