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Herco Inc. Carbide Tipped Tooling


  • 9-1/4" Diameter
  • 30mm bore with single keyway
  • 6 wings
  • C4 grade carbide
90° Cutter for 1/2" material thickness
90° Cutter for 3/4" material thickness
90° Cutter for 1" material thickness
Rebate cutter for SSV material, 1/2" width
Cove Back Splash cutter for 1/2" material thickness, 1/2" cove radius
2-Step Cove back splash Cutter for 1/2" material, 1/2" cove radius*
*To be used with rabbet cutter (needed for deep countertops)
Miter Lock Cutter for 3/4" particleboard

Call for pricing (see below)

Herco Inc. Carbide Tipped Tooling Ordering

DIAMOND, Carbide, Insert Cutting Tools standard and custom. Specializing in Tools for CNC, Cutters, V Groovers, Shaping Tools, Cove Tooling, Spirals, Saws and Sharpening Services for cabinet makers, furniture, countertop, millwork, and other woodworking industries.

To order call Michael Kohler toll free at 1-877-807-1044, fax: 704-664-1407, email: or contact Herco Inc. direct at

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