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The Model SLG-1000 was the first machine we introduced as a single head open sided V-Groover with virtually no width restriction, which eliminates any set-up changes when switching from linear to cross cutting.

This machine, featuring a precision roller table will cover all requirements for the Solid Surface Counter Top Fabricator, who is predominantly running one profile for an extended run before switching to another profile. For cross grooving longer pieces we recommend using low friction, omni-directional roller ball transfer tables.

Some of the key data and features for this model are

  • (1) 10 HP-3,600 RPM Motor
  • 3 HP Hydraulic feeder unit
  • 4" Minimum to unlimited part width
  • 20" Minimum to unlimited part length
  • 16" Maximum throat clearance for linear & cross cuts
  • 6" Diameter solid aluminum reference roller
  • Linear rail and ball screw for head up& down and motorized side movement
  • Motorized feeder height adjustment for optimal traction
  • High precision, stainless steel roller conveyor table
  • Mechanical anti-kick back device
  • Emergency shut off line along the table length
  • Linear footage counter
  • Automatic tape applicator
  • 2 Year warranty
  • Star "V" Customer satisfaction assurance

Model SLG-1000 Photos

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Model SLG-1000 Specifications and Pricing

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