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Star "V" Machinery's Model SLG-485 is a dedicated, high production linear V-Groover. It is designed to v-groove various wood materials, wood composites, PVC materials, veneered or laminated MDF or particleboard as well as plastics. Commonly used in the architectural millwork and housing industry for vinyl wraps or column enclosures. This type of machine can accommodate one head up to 8 heads. The width capacity ranges from 24" to 48" or more, depending on the application.

The individual tapes, which act as the hinge for miter folding, are applied automatically and cut to length. The feeder belt moves the material over the high-precision, stainless steel roller table to minimize friction and reduce or eliminate marring of the material. The v-groove is being applied from above. Computerized or motorized set-up features and other gadgets add to the operator convenience and performance. This machine will work most economical when several thousand linear feet of material is being processed per shift.

This machine can easily be connected to our automated gluing and folding machine for further automation of the fabrication process.

Please contact us with your specific application to tailor this v-groover to your output needs and application.

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Model SLG-485 Specifications and Pricing

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