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STAR "V" MACHINERY Model STA-24 Automatic Multi-Head Cross-Taping Machine

The model STA-3 MCT is an indispensable addition to retrofit an existing multi-head cross groover without it's own taping units or also for a multi-head linear V-Groover.

Some of the key data and features for this model are:

  • Working Method: Operator lays board material onto the roller table. Push the start button to activate the feeder belts for the feeding and hold down of the material.
    The tape applicators are trigged automatically once the material hits a contact. At the end of the board the tape unit automatically cuts off the tape and the feeder belt moves the board onto an out-feed table (not provided with machine) or a second person removes the board from the roller tables. The boards can also automatically be stacked and lowered through an optional stacking device.
  • Free-standing unit with (2-5) taping units and precision roller section for material support, 48" - 145" maximum board width (width upon customers request), 4" minimum board width, 8" minimum board length or 1: 6 length to width ratio (width is left to right distance for cross taping), 1-1/4" maximum board thickness (thicker upon request)
  • Maximum tape width 4", max. tape diameter up to 14", minimum distance between taping heads 6", (2) feeder belts are driven by 0.5 HP DC motor with variable feed speed 10 - 40 FPM, automatic tape end cut-off, material hold down via feeder belts and press down rollers above the roller sections, feeder height adjustment via manual gear drive.
  • (2-5) 4.5' Long rollers sections for material support and integrated taping units, easy positioning of sections with pneumatic position lock, 33" working height. Complete with air regulator and pressure gauge, anti-noise leveling pads, 7' long linear aluminum fence, safety guard, foot pedal control and control panel.
  • Air requirements 80 PSI. Electrical hook up for 110 Volts - 4 Amps. Power requirement. Heavy-duty 1-1/2" x 2-1/2" x ?" steel tubing construction. Overall dimensions depending on cross taping capacity. Optional stacking unit at out-feed end of the machine.
  • Factory new with 1 year warranty

Model STA-24 Photos

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1. Overall View 2. Detail 3. Detail
4. Detail

Model STA-24 Specifications and Pricing

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